Monday, November 12, 2012

Why a blog?

Hi everybody! Whats the idea of opening a blog about my everyday life? isnt it pretentious?! oh yes, totallllly!

Seriously, a lot of people are asking me to be friends on facebook and I reached my 5000 friends limit. Plus, people that are already friends with me on there are asking me to get more personal, to write stuff about my everyday life but Im not sure its the right place since i really opened it to promote my videos and work. I think it would be more appropriate to do it here and only people who are interested in seeing my photos would bookmark the link and check it out! I dont want to bother anybody with all the pictures of my cats and dog in their newsfeed! haha

So, thats pretty much why, but also because I like to talk about everything, give my opinion, comment stuff I see or read in the news and my business profile on fb is not the place to do it!

Everyday, ill post some stuff on here, about pretty much everything :-)

xxx Kisses